IQ – Option Review: Paramount Binary Options Broker of 2017

IQ Option broker has become a well-known option across the globe for these days. It is the talk of the town for mostly all the traders. The traders predominantly favor this platform above other for binary options. However it’s not certain if IQ Option broker is reliable enough or not? What if IQ Option broker is a scam? As a matter of fact it is very a fraudulent company can be identified and exposed very easily these days and to elaborate it the point can also be said in this way that there are numerous brokers as well as inexperienced traders all over. To emphasize it can be stated that due to lack of information the traders can settle up for a fraudulent trader.



The irony in today’s world is that the market is flooded with scammers and every trader should check the certification thoroughly before making any sort of payment. The first and foremost obstacle while trading the binary options comes up when you have to pick a particular and suitable site to trade it. In point of fact there are actually ample of choices out there which you can choose depending on your habitat or residence. So, here we are to lessen your burden a bit because we know that you don’t have time to shuffle up all the sites you need for trading. We have jolted a proper review to help you with this matter. Let’s get started:

We have created a roundup of an innovative and progressive binary options broker named as “IQ Option broker”.

IQ Option broker is not new in the market; they are serving the traders since past several years. Since then they have gained a lot of steady and potential investors. We thought of starting up the review with checking out the reviews and testimonials posted by the traders and their clients. This organization is well-thought by them as well who have traded with them in past which of course made a positive impact on us. We tried to get in contact with their previous clients and we were amazed by the feedback we got from them, who considered IQ Option broker as the pinnacle of web brokers. According to us so far IQ Option broker is the best and worthy site for trading binary options. We will cover all the aspects like choosing for the most appropriate site and then up till placing the traders as well as the customer support.

Let us discuss about the Pros and Cons while trading with this organization:

  • IQ Option broker offers variety of options.
  • They provide excellent returns.
  • The user-interface is very easy and user-friendly, the client however will not have any difficulty in choosing the correct option.
  • They require the minimum of investment from the traders.
  • Stand-alone demo account.
  • They are well-supported by high maintenance interactive tools.


Cons of trading with IQ Option broker

However there are no such policies but it would be better if the investor contacts in person with IQ Option broker.

Responsiveness of IQ Option broker on Mobile

Since the time they are launched in the market this company is an epitome of modernism and creativity. It was one of its kind broker and was supported through and through by a phenomenal team. It created a brand name amongst the binary trading options all over world. They provide all the necessary factors for providing essential information for reviewing the market and its strategies. As we have mentioned earlier as well, IQ Option broker have supreme innovative techniques by which they develop the new-fangled and effectual features in the market. If we talk about the best feature so far of the IQ Option broker then undoubtedly it is their mobile app. The mobile app of IQ Option broker is undoubtedly the best feature for any binary option broker or trader as well. The best aspect of this app is that it is well-responsive and user friendly as compared to the other apps which are quite tricky to access and operate. The main issue with rest of the apps is that the trader needs to be well-experienced to handle and understand those apps. The trader must be knowledgeable enough for understanding the jargon of the app or its terminology. As a matter of fact this app simplifies the concepts so most of the traders prefer using this app over other desktop apps. Another aspect of this app is its loading speed the user perhaps feel irritated and monotonous is an app or a website has a slow loading speed. The mobile app of IQ Option broker is based on modern interface and is well-functional all the times.

Generally what happens is that the trader sign in with all the confidential data in the app. However if the app has some sort of defect or data loss then the private and confidential data of the user can be hacked. In other words this condition will pose you to a major risk which probably no businessman would like to take. If in case your prediction goes wrong and all the bids go worthless then it may make you suffer a lot. In the case of IQ Option broker mobile app they provide an secure and confidential app. The personal data of the user is kept safe. Along with it the user can also subscribe for the notifications in this way you can remain in touch with the community and keep yourself updated with the trend. It comes with easy download options. For all the apple user the IQ Option broker mobile app is available on the Apple play store whereas for all the android users the app is available at the Google play store where the user can easily download the app and start getting humongous benefits from it.




As due to the age of digital transformation many traders use mobile apps but however there are many traders still who are sticked to the same obsolete desktop methodology. These traders still employ desktop while trading. But gradually mobile has taken over the market very prominently so IQ Option broker have come up with this mobile app for a better and improved trading. The main reason for all the investors in investing in the IQ Option broker is solely due to their fore-sightedness.

The landing page of their website is so vague and easy to understand that even a layman with minimum knowledge of trading can understand their intent of the website. The content at the website is so understandable that all the process right from visiting the website to signing up the website seems to be effortless. All you need to do is fill out all the entries provided in a simple form which will consist of all the necessary information like name, age, city and contact number etc. Then with a minimum amount you can start your trading business. The broker can start trading with just a minimum deposit amount limited dollars. So all in all this promotes the traders to do more and more trading business without major capital investment, to get into the core of this matter we invested more and more to the company and got remarkable results. They also have the facility of providing certain types of accounts like:

  • IQ Option broker Real Account.
  • IQ Option broker VIP Account.


How to get a demo IQ Option broker account?

The IQ Option broker also provides a golden facility for making a demo account for the users. The main aim for developing a feature like this is that as its name suggests is that this account is mainly for the users. So that they can practice how to invest and all try to know how the actual techniques involved in investing are. This demo account activity majorly refers to start practicing before making the actual investment or before risking your own money. The registration process can also be accomplished by Facebook or Gmail account. Once the user has successfully registered to the demo account the account becomes activated. The account however is free of cost and has 1000$ virtual money. The virtual money can be employed in virtual trading and to experience the actual scenario of trading procedure.

As a matter of fact the money and traders available at the demo account are not real but they are in fact the exact replicas of the real traders and currency. As we have told earlier that you can use the demo account for testing yourself, learning the trading and knowing IQ Option broker a little better. That what is the working pattern of IQ Option broker and much more details.

This is the ideal option for anyone who is willing to develop more skills  in binary option business. This account  is absolutely free for learning all the tactics of binary trading.

Once the user feels that now they are prepared up for real transactions then they can easily convert their demo account into a real account and start real binary trading online.

Is IQ Option broker a fraudulent organization ?

Point to remember is that they have achieved many satisfied customers with their extreme dedication and excellence towards their work. It has all the brokers who are at the zenith of binary trading industry. The key aspects of IQ Option broker are their commitment and novelty towards their work. They are also venerated many times for their dedication towards their work. The reputation they have earned has not easy to them they have worked hard since they have came into this market. The awards which they have received are emblem of their reliability and perseverance.

The following year IQ Option broker was also recognized as the safest and securest binary option available in the market according to our survey they have no record of complaints and reports regarding the spam. According to our survey IQ Option broker follows very strict terminology and rules regarding the payment. They also have very rigorous and robust rules regarding protection of the personal data of their clients, which in turn saves the hard earned money of their clients.

Prominent Features of IQ Option broker

There are several key aspects to adore about IQ Option broker. A lot many things have impressed us about this company. Their forward and updated learning tools and fore-sightedness impressed us the most. They always try to improvise their schemes by innovative technology. Their mobile app is user –friendly and well responsive which makes almost all the clients satisfied with their services. Their demo account serves as the whole and sole account which provides the clients best of practice of a binary option account by providing virtual money to the users and keeping their money safe and secure. This makes the client feel that they are trading on a real profile. This is a perfect example of interactive learning faster and better than the traditional learning tools.


On the whole it is now evident that why IQ Option broker has become so popular in such a short time span. Putting in so many efforts and yet coming up with so many originality and innovation. They provide a great platform for all the traders to trade on. We evaluate this website 100 on 100 as they are so confident enough to practice their rules and regulations without the fear of losing out. They have a humble way of working where they try to make their client aware of the business tactics with the help of demo account. They create jam-packed ambience for explaining each and every business strategy to their customers. This in turn makes the customers aware and provides them positive trading experience.

We must say that their strategy has overwhelmed us a whole lot. Not praising an organization like this would be an understatement and we would not miss a single chance to do that. We hope that this review about IQ Option broker was helpful for you to make appropriate decisions.




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